Saturday, June 15, 2013

Are You Interested in Reading About Time Travel?

I am interested in exploring the idea of time travel in my fiction writing. In order to find out more about it I am going to read what others have written about it first. So far I have only seen films about time-travel. Perhaps the next step is to go the library page and put time travel in the subject line to see what's out there on this subject.

Have You Ever Travelled in Time?

Time travel is something I have always found to be a fascinating subject. In fact the very idea of time is one that occupies most of our thoughts from the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep at night. Most of us wear watches so that we can keep track of time all day long. Time for breakfast, time to catch the bus etc.

We are in one way or another all ruled by time. But if were ever asked to
go back to say, breakfast time and change what we had at that time, we would most probably laugh and say, "don't be silly, I can't go back in time". But think about this, you can go back there in your mind, can't you? So this is a starting point. We all have the ability to go anywhere in our minds.