Saturday, August 09, 2014

Short Story Continued (August)

Next morning, Emily read in the paper, "Woman tells of experience with aliens. There are aliens in Godzone, she is reported to have said, but couldn't add any further information. Others have rung into radio stations and TV news, saying they also experienced something strange yesterday. All the stories were different but the common thread was that something unusual had happened. Talk-back radio has been inundated with calls right through the night telling of an assortment of weird things people said they either felt, saw or heard. The prime-minister himself is telling everyone to calm down. He will be the first to know if there is anything to worry about. He advised people to carry on with their normal lives. But the families of those who went missing at the bus station are adamant their loved ones have simply vanished into thin air. We want answers they said."
     Emily put down the paper. She felt decidedly different today. Kind of lighter and less concerned about the things she usually worried about. Like being late for work. Today she didn't care as she took her time with breakfast and fed the cat who was purring loudly and rubbing his head against the table leg. Before leaving the house, she sneaked a look through the window to make sure there were no reporters lurking about and then walked up the road to the bus stop.
(to be continued)