Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why I Decided to Give My Book Away for Free

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Second September Installment of Short Story

Emily looked at James and decided to try and explain to him what had gone on in her mind that day, when her whole world turned upside down. And obviously a few other people's worlds too.
     "I was standing at the bus station at 3.15 p.m. - so was everyone else - quite by chance. Then I began to wonder - did they all realise they were being captured by a mind - mine - at this point in time? Did they realise - no - that if something world-stopping were to happen at this point in time - that I could say well I was standing at the bus station at exactly the same time as it happened. 
     "It was a sunny day. I kept checking the board which tells you when your bus is due. Everyone was quietly thinking their own thoughts - no doubt - about their own lives. But I wasn't. I was thinking existentially about the way we were all doing what we were doing at that point in time. Like frozen statues in a time warp. I had a bent to do that. Like taking photos over and over.  Who had moved and whose head had turned at what point in time. And what were all the rest of the world doing just then.
     "Then of course it happened. Wham. But I only knew all this later, much later, as I sat down to a meal of boiled, new, minted potatoes, cold mutton and home-grown peas. I looked up as the six o'clock news began and saw that what had happened at the bus station was real after all. Not a day-dream or something I'd imagined. Then the reality of that day hit me."
     James was staring at me with a puzzled expression.................. (to be continued)

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Short Story continued (September)

Once Emily arrived at work, she immediately knew she'd be having a very different kind of day. She viewed what had to be done and realised with astonishment how easy it was. Not only that but the work which would usually last all day, she now knew she could do within one hour at the most. That posed a problem because her workmates would wonder at her new ability. But if she stretched out the work to fit the eight hour day she'd be bored stiff. This was a new dilemma.
     So after finishing her work effortlessly in record time, Emily told her manager she had some business to attend to and would be back later. She'd already had a phone-call from the husband of the woman who'd disappeared at the bus station. Now she'd be able to meet up with him and tell him what she'd seen.
     They met in a small cafe in a shopping mall not far from the hospital. Emily saw a worried looking man looking all around him so went straight up to him. "Hello, sir, I'm Emily. Can I get you a coffee?"
     He looked relieved to see her. "James," he said, holding out his hand. "I'm so glad you could come. I've been worried sick about Annabel and the police tell me there's nothing more they can do. My wife seems to have vanished."
     The waitress came over and they both ordered flat-whites.
     "As I said, James, I did see your wife drop her hand-bag and the next time I looked she was gone. It all happened in a flash. If only I could help you.........."