Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Where to Find Great Books

Hi there,
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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday - Rest Day Down Under

Hi to all in the blogosphere,

We had another beautiful day here in The Bay and as it's Sunday I'd like to share some notes about a place I visited in 2012. It was an old Cistercian abbey called Abbaye de l'Epau Sarthe in Le Mans in the North of France. It was founded in 1229 by Berengeria of Navarre, widow of King Richard the Lionheart. The abbey has been owned by the General Council of Sarthe since 1959. A historic monument, it is located in the commune of Yvre-l'Eveque and is home to the Sarthe Cultural Centre which regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, conferences and classical music concerts.
We travelled by tram most of the way. It was set in beautiful grounds in a semi-rural area.

Bye for now, Genesis Cotterell
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Sunny Saturday in the Bay

Hi Everyone,
today the sun is shining like you wouldn't believe. I hope winter never arrives as last winter was one of the coldest in this part of the country in a long time. It was also my first winter in Hawkes Bay, so it was quite a shock as I'd lived in a much warmer climate before then.
I looked up into the sky today as I was hanging out the washing and saw two or three seagulls hovering around up really high. I guess they were circling to see if they could spy food below. We're not far from the sea here so often see gulls around the place.
Today I received two short stories back from a competition I'd entered some time ago. I had paid extra to get feed-back and found it rewarding to see what comments had been made. Although I didn't score a place in the competition, both had good feedback attached.
Besides constructive criticism there was also something positive.
For example: The characters were nicely drawn and very descriptive and in all it was felt to be an amusing and engaging story. The other one: This story has potential to be rather a good one. The writer is on the right track with his/her writing and with practice the voice will become clearer.
So, besides the faults in each one which I will take note of, I still felt I had accomplished something worthwhile and wasn't a complete failure.

till next time
Genesis Cotterell

Friday, May 13, 2016

My Life in Sunny Napier

Hi everyone,
The weather here is fabulous for this time of year. It was 26 degrees today.
We live within walking distance of a superette, a hair-dresser, and a takeaway shop, all at the end of our street. (a three minute walk) The dentist is ten minutes walk away, as is the bus-stop.
Three times a week I travel to Hastings on the bus in the morning and home again at night. Because I am a super-annuitant, these trips cost $3.00 each way if I travel before 9 a.m. and after 3 p.m. But if I travel within those times then I get a free journey both ways. Sometimes I get a free journey one way in the morning and pay $3.00 when I come home.
I go to Hastings because I have a part-time job three days a week for six hours a day. This suits me fine as I can bring in some extra money and also use the skills I learnt in my years working full-time in the workforce.
The bus is used by all sorts of different people. School children, older students, mothers with young children and older folk. There is always a seat even though sometimes the bus is quite full.
On my way out to Hastings, which takes about half an hour, I read old copies of WRITERS' FORUM (How to write-What to write-Where to sell it) that I bought when I was working full-time but never got round to reading. And I'm learning a heap of things from reading them.

More next time,
Genesis Cotterell