Monday, September 19, 2016

Three New Book Reviews from

Title: Scarlet and Magenta
Author: Lindsey Dawson
Publisher: Out Loud Press
ISBN: 9780473341428
Available: bookshops

Title: The Road to Hell: State Violence against Children in Postwar New Zealand
Author: Elizabeth Stanley
Publisher: Auckland University Press
ISBN: 9781869408541
Available: bookshops

Title: Tail of the Taniwha
Author: Courtney Sina Meredith
Publisher: Beatnik Publishing
ISBN: 9780992264895
Available: bookshops

Friday, September 16, 2016

Half of Ryxin Trilogy book sales to go to Sisters of Compassion.

Hi fellow bloggers, readers, authors and writers,

Today I decided to donate half of all my earnings from  sales of my RYXIN TRILOGY books to The Sisters of Compassion, here in New Zealand. So far two books in the trilogy have been published as e-books on Amazon. They are MURDER ON MURITAI (bk 1) and THE FORBIDDEN GENE (bk 2). NOTICE OF DEATH (bk 3) is to be published in the New Year.

Below is a little about the sisters, taken from Wikepedia.

The Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion, known as Sisters of Compassion were founded in Jerusalem, New Zealand on the Whanganui River in 1892 by Suzanne Aubert. Today there are 70 Sisters working throughout New Zealand, Wagga Wagga (Australia), Fiji and Tonga. The order has had women enter the order and profess vows as recent as September 2015.
The Home of Compassion Island Bay is the site of the Sisters of Compassion headquarters and gathering place for the sisters. Located on the site is a Visitors’ Centre which celebrates the remarkable life and enduring legacy of Mother Mary Joseph Suzanne Aubert (1835–1926). Suzanne Aubert is buried on the same site. Jerusalem remains the Home of the Sisters of Compassion in partnership with the Tangata Whenua.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A Book Review From Readers' Favorite for MURDER ON MURITAI

Book Review
Reviewed by  for Readers' Favorite

Curtis McCoy is a newly qualified PI who has received his first assignment,
which is to investigate a supposedly accidental death - a crucial assignment
for this fledgling PI which, if successfully completed, will provide him with 
his full Private Investigator’s licence. Curtis is part Ryxin, an alien race which
arrived on Earth in 1905, quickly adopting human form, intermingling, 
marrying and breeding with the human population. Murder on Muritai by
Genesis Cotterell describes how, almost a century later, when the subterfuge
was discovered, the human government put severe restrictions on the 
Ryxin’s freedom to reproduce, and as a result of the Ryxin’s sometimes
lawless behaviour, decreed that human police forces would not intervene 
in Ryxin affairs. This created the need for private investigators to fill the gap,
to provide answers for the victims of crime, and a route to justice for the 
Ryxin community. 

Recently estranged from his human wife, McCoy starts to delve into the 

circumstances surrounding the death in question, but is quickly caught up in 
several parallel strands of investigation, among them a secret Ryxin breeding
program which, in order to obtain information, he reluctantly joins. Required 
to impregnate a Ryxin female known only as a number, he struggles with his
feelings and principles, finally falling in love with the woman he knows only as
number 17. Weaving his way through the dangerous underbelly of Ryxin
society, it starts to become clear that the death he has been appointed to
investigate was indeed no accident; he is investigating a murder and is in
great danger.

I found the Ryxin aliens described in Murder on Muritai were difficult to 

distinguish from their human counterparts, though this could be a deliberate
ploy by the author, Genesis Cotterell. I am wondering whether there are
parallels to be drawn with, or if the author was influenced by, the treatment
and behaviour of the indigenous Antipodean population. I may be mistaken,
though someone better versed in the history of the Aboriginals and Maoris
would probably be a much better judge. Murder on Muritai is a complex book
containing a great deal of genealogical information regarding the alien settlers
and the first in a proposed trilogy. It will be interesting to see how this series

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Have you heard of a book called: The Forbidden Gene?

Available as an E -Book
Find out about it here.

Exerpt from The Forbidden Gene , Chapter 18

Janux was afraid but a kind of steely resolve took over. He thrust at her again, the knife in one hand and the other trying to grab the oar from her grasp. But Janux was fast and she struck him a glancing blow on the shoulder. He staggered and then ran at her with the knife pointing at her face. Janux held her ground while Baxy's strength gave him the advantage, and he fended off the oar and took hold of it with one plate-sized hand. She pulled like a madwoman, but within a few seconds he had wrenched it from her hands and flung it to the floor of the loft. She could smell the whisky on his breath as he approached, sniggering, his right hand waving the wooden-handled knife from side to side.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Four quotes on Writing

Every moment is enormous, and it is all we have. Quote from Long Quiet Highway Natalie Goldberg.

Writing is about community, even if you write alone. Quote from Wild Mind Natalie Goldberg.

We write because we write and for no other reason. That's good. Wild Mind Natalie Goldberg.

Don't hurry to make sense. You might land too quickly and miss out on half your mind. Quote from Thunder and Lightning. Natalie Goldberg.

The above are all Bantam Books.

Two Book Reviews from FlaxFlower Review via

Days Are Like Grass
Author: Sue Younger
Publisher: Eunoia Publishing
ISBN: 9780994104762
Available: bookshops

Napoleon's Willow

Author: Joan Norlev Taylor
Publisher: RSVP Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9876587-8-4
Available: in print in/via bookshops, print and e-book from Amazon,

and directly from the publisher RSVP Publishing (Auckland)

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