Sunday, July 02, 2017

Folksy Old-Fashioned Murder Mystery

Regarding The Ryxin Trilogy books by Genesis Cotterell

Being the author of The Ryxin Trilogy Books, I was rather disappointed to hear from a bookshop where three of my books are on sale that the word alien in the blurb is stopping people from buying any of the three books.

To try and right this abhorrence of the word alien here is an excerpt from a review on Amazon for one of the said books. Obviously this reader too was thrown by the word alien but then had a rethink when he read the book.

I saw the word “alien” in the blurb and expected a book emphasizing technology, gadgetry, all tied together with a plot based on an otherworldly super-weapon. Instead, I was pleased to find a solid, character-driven, folksy old-fashioned murder mystery that happened to involve aliens who openly populated the earth a century ago.
The book is well-edited and written in a smooth, clear style.
The appeal of this book should extend beyond genre readership; mystery lovers will appreciate the carefully drawn trail that leads to the capture of the unlikely murderer.
I will most certainly be interested to read the sequel.

Excerpt from a review by Tyler Pike for the book Murder on Muritai The Ryxin Trilogy Book One,
on my Amazon Kindle page.

So to any possible would-be readers of one or all of the three books in the Ryxin Trilogy: Murder on Muritai, The Forbidden Gene and Notice of Death. - please don't be put off by the word alien and give them a go. Think Folksy Old-Fashioned Murder Mystery and if this appeals to you, you won't be disappointed. On the other hand, I would consider them rather as Murder Mystery Thrillers.
It would also be nice to hear what other readers think about this.

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